Friday, December 2, 2011

And Counting

Not that you care, but I need a break and there's only one thing on my mind: party prep.

Fourteen hours left. It took three to cleanse the main apartment space (which essentially involved pushing stuff into the center of the room, rearranging things on shelves, vacuuming cleared space, and then throwing the crap from the middle of the room into the closet: organizing is for chumps).

Thirty-six flourless chocolate cupcakes (18 of which are Sriracha-flavored) have been baked. Squash is roasted and ready for soupification in the morning. What's left for the evening: prepping the devilled eggs, boiling another dozen eggs for back-up, and making the Belgian waffle cookies.

I hope you are getting hungry just reading this. Because if you aren't, then you obviously haven't had my grandmother's Belgian waffle cookies.

I just got back from a grocery run, because apparently three pounds of butter and three dozen eggs aren't enough to cover me for this event. Also, I didn't have napkins. Go figure.

Okay, enough resting. Time to go boil those eggs, clean the counter, and break out the waffle iron.

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