Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Almost Rooted

Apologies for the silence. From touristing D.C. to "touching down" in Brooklyn, to work, to apartment-hunting, it's been a busy, exhausting few weeks. I've tried picking up the tablet to blog here and there, but the motivation was somewhat drummed out of me.

Moving is an emotionally-draining process. And the Epic Road Trip of Awesome was also overwhelming in its ... epic awesomeness.  When it was finally over - when I crested a hill on the New Jersey Turnpike and saw the New York skyline in the distance - I cried. I know: not a huge surprise, those of you who know me. But I think anyone who had been on the road for four weeks, conquered 5500 miles of highway and byway, and reached a longterm goal that she never even expected would be in the realm of motivation ... I think anyone would have cried at that moment. I'm just kind of glad I was alone, to savor the moment.

I've been staying with a couple of friends since getting into town. It's been nice - almost like having awesome roommates, I'm starting to get comfortable - but I'm getting to the point of wanting my stuff back, wanting a place to call my own and walk naked around and fill with my own presence. I've been hunting since the first week, seen almost a dozen places, and am homing in on the finish line.  Thisclose to having a place, thisclose to it all being over.

At the moment, I'm sitting in a cafe in Park Slope, waiting for a broker to get back to me about seeing an apartment nearby this evening. I was supposed to see it an hour ago. He was suppose to have the keys an hour ago. But instead I'm here, drinking a macchiato and waitng.

Which is fine: I don't need this place.  Last night I handed over a check for a deposit on another place, but two hours later I got a text from this broker, letting me know about a place right by where I want to be (Park Slope), in my price range, and in my size. So I'm giving it a shot, in the hopes that if it pans out I can get a refund on my deposit on the other place (I haven't signed a lease yet) (else I'm going to learn an expensive lesson in ... something). And if it doesn't pan out ... well, I'm set anyway, aren't I?  The cafe's a comfortable place, the coffee is pretty good, and they have a WiFi connection.

Life is good so far. I'm sorry my San Francisco friends, but I think this is the best life decision I ever made. I still miss you though.