Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Kind of a review post. I could do more of these ... I kind of like talking about food to eat and places to go (or not) around the city.

Home from Krav, I was in my nightgown already, the microwave humming along as it warmed up the leftover Chinese food* I'd ordered yesterday, when my Facebook chat lit up with a message from my ex-roommate, Brian:

"Have you eaten yet?"

I was pondering this just as the microwave beeped completion, and decided to roll with it: my sweet and sour pork could wait, considering I hadn't seen Brian in months — Trashcan Sinatras show excepted — and in the meantime he had become a father and thus had lots of exciting news to catch up on.

We went to Gialina Pizzeria over in Glen Park, a neighborhood I really need to start exploring. I wish I'd brought a camera, but you probably can see from the pictures on Yelp that they have this crazy pizza with an egg cracked right on top of it. The waitress recommended the Amarciano (I think) as her favorite, and despite my misgivings regarding the egg I went for it ... and am completely happy I did. The eggy slice was the best part of the entire pie. That's not saying it was a bad pie — the crust was a bit crispy for my taste, but the spicy sauce was amazing, as was the pancetta on top. I'd definitely return.

Catching up with Brian was also definitely worth it. I'd forgotten how much I actually enjoy his company, though the dinner did get me to reflect on how much has changed in the years since we lived together.

* The Chinese food was from Jasmine Tea House which I can't recommend over my usual stand-by Red Jade for two reasons: 1) Delivery took over an hour, as compared to my usual 30 minutes; and 2) The Hot and Sour Soup, which was necessary to stamp down my impending cold, was ordered as "medium spicy" and came to me bland. The sweet and sour pork, however, is among the best I've had in a long, long time. So it has that going for it.