Monday, February 4, 2013

Signs That the Apocalypse Happened, and Other Oddities So Far

So I've been silent a few months, but that's mostly because I've had so much to say that just figuring out how to start it has been a challenge. The long, crazy story about the move, the settling in to the apartment, the going back to California for the holidays and the fact that coming back home meant coming back to NY.

Since I haven't figured out yet how to write about them, this is all I'll say on the subjects for now. The people I see every day already know about the drama, and those that don't will probably get hints of it in the ensuing months.

At any rate. I am here now, and I still don't regret it. Even when the dickhead super of the next building over blasts his crappy Latin music, I am still in a better state of mind than I was the last three years in SF.

But we're here to talk about signs of the apocalypse. I mean, the world ended just over a month ago, and I'm definite that we're living in a brand, new crazy universe.

How do I know? Because I registered for this:

And today I did the first day of this program:

And I didn't die from it yet.

But don't fret. I have also signed up for Fencing classes (as in swords, not as in white picket), so this new world is not so completely off from the previous one. Just a different shade of Sarah is Weird.

PS: Someday I'll update the name of this blog to something not so SF-specific. Still trying to figure out what the NY version of my life should be called.  - S.