Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Awkward Is

Being on a dating site, rating men at random ... and then coming across an ad for the company I work for. Full-on with our mascot.

Ow. Time for a big ol' piece of chocolate. Or a stiff drink.


gm/ny said...

All I can say is it should make comparisons easy: finding a guy with only his head up his ass doesn't seem as bad when you're constantly looking at a guy with his head up the world's.

Anonymous said...

Y'all have a mascot now? I made the unpleasant discovery of what appears to be our mascot in a *video sent out to clients*.

Sarah the Great said...

Yes, Laura, dear: we do have a mascot now. We actually paid an agency to come up with this guy — keep an eye out, I dare you to spot him!

Now I'm curious to know what your mascot is, so we can compare notes of Teh Awesome that represents our respective companies. ;P