Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tricking the Trees

20110129_Random SF_02

It was cold today and yesterday, but the previous week's worth of "hella hot" weather (as per the SF Examiner, our local rag paper) fooled our local flowering trees into blooming.

Ha, ha. Dumb trees, now your flowers are cold, and we're back to our usual near-frigid 50s,-low-60s temperatures. Brr.

It was a near-perfect day, from the best-friend call in the early morning, to Chilaquiles ramon for brunch in the Mission followed by mimosas at Revolution Café (a place that makes me feel officially square), ending with dinner at Avatar's and a viewing of The King's Speech with Lauren before he makes his great trek into Fatherhood by way of Kentucky.

He looks so red because I had the "vivid color" setting going.


Notes on The King's Speech: probably the best film I've watched in a long time. I think it blows Inception out of the water. Beautifully done, and watching Colin Firth spout out profanity for a full 60 seconds totally turned me on. Is that a bad thing?

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