Friday, January 14, 2011

Breaking Up Is (not that) Hard to Do

I dumped one of my banks today, and it was much easier than I expected. They were going to start charging me a $12/month fee for not keeping or direct-depositing enough money every month, and I decided it was time. Most of my money went to another bank, anyway, for bills and such; this was just my "fun money" account, and now I have the credit union account for that.

So goodbye, Bank Who Obviously Doesn't Want My Pittance of Money. You've helped me on yet another step of this thing called "Growing Up".

The last two or three days have been a complete 180 in mood from my last post, and definitely a far cry from my mental and emotional state on Monday (where I was sobbing over my ironing, on top of feeling like the start of a cold, a good day to call out sick). Probably due to:

  • "Aunt Irma" leaving town.
  • A sudden happy coming-together of things that means I'm going to be heading to New York (and, possibly, Cleveland) this March. Be warned, my New York Friends: Sarah's Coming.

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