Sunday, January 2, 2011


Rewatching the old Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, the one from the early 80s, I am forced to a realization: as much as I really, really want to see myself as a Trillian, I have a suspicion that sadly, really I'm more of an Arthur Dent than any other character. If I had to be a character from the books/miniseries/radio show, of course.

I'm sure there's a Facebook test for that somewhere ... but that's too much work to bother with.

New Year's Eve was spent at Norma's place with the Ceramics Crew and Emily, who was in town to see me during the brief week she's home from law school. It was fun, and low-key, and full of food and wine, and extra bonus was that I didn't have to drive anywhere, since Norma lives within walking distance of my place.

Actually, the real bonus of the evening might have been watching Josh get a sparkly manicure:
20101231_New Years Eve_05

20110101_New Years Eve_08
The nail dryer is serious stuff.

Either that, or Teresa's amazing peanut-butter cup pretzels. It's a close contest, there.

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