Wednesday, June 1, 2011

War Takes Sacrifices

I had hope that my days of battling with kitchen rodents was done. A few days ago I came home to a new strip of metal at the bottom of my door, effectively blocking off the gap between it and the carpet, and a message assuring me that this should keep future intruders out.

Unfortunately, it also serves to keep current intruders in. Last night I was awakened by the now-too-familiar sound of crunch-crunch-crunch. I must have been foolish enough to let a coffee bean spill to the floor one day while I was filling my grinder. Dumb mouse, don't you know I won't care that you're there so long as you don't eat loud food?

At any rate, since the trap with peanut butter (and a coffee bean) that I've had out since the last invasion, when I returned from my New York/Cleveland trip, I knew it was time to break out the good stuff. A new trap has been set, this time with a precious glob of Nutella. Fingers crossed on this one. I need my sleep.

And yes, tonight when I get home from work and Krav, I will do a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, to get rid of any other exposed foodstuff that may be scattered about. Sigh.

On a side note: I had no idea that these guys were still around doing things. Re-stumbled on them last night before bed, and now I'll have to back through five years of archives to see what new things they've been up to.

But here is what my favorite was, back in the day:

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