Friday, June 10, 2011

Soul (Mate) Searching

(Go to track 3 ... and then back to track 1.)

The Cute Guy(tm) at Krav came up to me the other day, grinning. "Did you get my message?"

"What message?" I don't have access to personal emails/Facebook/etc. while at work, since I have a StupidPhone and our internet access is restricted. And I hadn't yet been home.

"I found you on OKcupid today."

//Imagine me bringing a hand up to half-hide my face in a blush.// Singsong voice: "Embarassing."

I suppose I shouldn't have felt shamed — I mean, he was on there, too, right? And that's what he said: I shouldn't be embarrassed, because everyone else is on there now.

Which brought up the topic — one that came up again tonight in a Gchat conversation — of how difficult it is to meet people. Once you're out of school, it's almost impossible to meet anyone new — new friends, new lovers, new enemies. I guess there's the bar, but it's not really my thing — plus, so many bar people go there in packs with their own friends. I have my classes, but it took me years to start hanging out with anyone from there. It's work-intensive. Sometimes too much so, it seems.

As I said to my best friend, it's enough to make me regret not spending more time soul mate searching back in college. (Then he pointed out that I'm not the husband-hunting type ... which is kind of too true. Curse me.)

I guess I shouldn't feel so bad: I don't have a divorce under my belt, I'm not stuck living with someone I want to punch in the face every day, I've learned to be sort of independent. And heck, even Cute Guy needs a robot to help him sometimes. Why shouldn't I?

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