Monday, May 19, 2008


So I went swimming-for-exercise again for the first time in almost two years this morning. Was so tempted to skip it — it was a stressful night at work, I was tired, yadda yadda — but I had my swimsuit and my hair tie this time, dammit. No excuses. I did pretty well; a full 20 minutes, and I felt like I could have done more but made myself stop so I wouldn't be pushing myself. (Too late, though: I felt all woozy and slightly nauseous in the locker room and the whole bus ride home. Until I got here and became ravenous and devoured a quarter of a jicama and some ranch dressing.)

Having Nick here this weekend only slightly disrupted my diet — impressive, because usually I'm completely off it when I'm around him. We made Sangria (low-carb with Splenda for me, real sugar for him), I baked him a honey-mustard Cornish game hen (derailed my diet a bit eating the skin off that sucker, too ... mm, honey mustard deliciousness), went to a barbecue where I managed to eat only Atkins-approved foods. Good thing I like asparagus and mushrooms and chicken. And now I'm thinking I want a Cornish game hen, too, but it'll need a day or two to defrost in the fridge, so I can't have it tonight. ;P Or right now. Boo.

Gotta think about next weekend. I'm working the Blues Festival with Nick's family and the lunch they give their volunteers involves a bean burrito and chips, candy and a soda. Probably not the best for my diet. I'll have to bring some cash and buy some real food. And then the family dinner afterwards ... perhaps I should pack a bag of beef jerky, just in case.

All this so I fit into my pants while I'm in New York. Really, I should be aiming to be completely hot for NY, so I can land a boyfriend out there, providing me an anchor to make The Move. I'm getting excited now, and kind of glad to have some sort of motivation from somewhere to get my ass in gear.

By the way, this week is starting out much better than last week. Busy stressful night aside. And this post is otherwise completely pointless. Just an excuse to write something.

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