Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pass It On ... or Pass On It?

As seen this evening, walking home along 24th Street from the J.

Get VD

I'm thinking that someone out there doesn't keep up with their Urban Dictionary ... from the 80s. Oops.

(And yeah, I know someone else must have taken a photo of this already, but I had to post it myself.)

As an aside, and totally to boast, but daymn I can cook.

Rockfish for Dinner

Tonight's dinner was a new fishy adventure for me: rockfish. I've never cooked it, can't remember ever eating it, but picked it up on a recommendation from the guy working the fish counter at Whole Paycheck. So, first time for rockfish (which, well, rocked — it's lightly dredged in rice flour, salt and pepper, then pan fried in a combo of olive and vegetable oils; next time I'll probably up the pepper and salt, though), and also first time successfully pan frying a fish on my own. Go me.

The veggies are a basic medley of onion, zucchini and mushrooms, sauteed with a made-up red vinaigrette sauce. Really blew myself away with dinner tonight.


Greg said...

Did you just post VD & fried fish in the same post?




I was eating dinner over here! ;-)

Sarah the Great said...

Yes, I did, Greg. Oh, did I ever.

Your own fault for reading the internets at the dinner table. That's for single people living alone to do. (Like me.)