Friday, February 25, 2011

Silent R

Everywhere I go, the last couple of days, people have been a-buzz. There's the tiniest of chances that it might possibly snow in San Francisco tonight or early tomorrow morning, and everyone's excited. Those of you who live in regions that have seasons that aren't just "Foggy Time" and "Sunny Time", please humor us and try to understand: if the snow does happen (of which, of course, there's only a small possibility, and it probably wouldn't even make it downtown), it would be the first time SF has seen snow on the ground since 1976.

That's before I was even born. Before Sarah. Total B.S.

Of course, if the snow comes, I will try to grab the camera and snag some evidence. Since I live on a hill, I might also be able to catch pictures of cars foolishly trying to navigate a snowy drive downhill. This ain't Tahoe, people: San Francisco doesn't have any snow plows.

Apologies for being so quiet this month. I have had things I could talk about, but some of them I don't think I'm quite ready to share with the world yet. Also: life has been pretty awesome lately. I was lamenting to my friend last night about how being happy sucks when you're a blogger — no one wants to hear you gush. It's true: if every entry was about how awesome life is and how happy I am, I bet 4 out of the 8 of you would just stop reading.

But for those of you who aren't here just to read about my misery and poignant-yet-funny opinions on life, let me tell you: things are going swell. February was damn good, my short story is one I'm somewhat proud of (thank you, Editor Mine, and fingers crossed that I make it to round two!), and March is looking like it's going to be a blast. I can hardly wait for it all, though it's kind of nice right in this current moment of calm.

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