Saturday, July 24, 2010

Calling All Camera Nerds

I need a new one. A new camera, that is. And I'd like suggestions, if you have them.

Things I'm looking for:
  1. I tend to prefer Canon as a brand. They're pretty solid, and I'm used to how the settings work ... but that doesn't mean I won't take other brands into consideration.
  2. I'd prefer it to have a view finder (you know — that little window that old-style film cameras have). It saves battery, and doesn't make me feel like a dope that has to look at a big screen to get a proper shot.
  3. It'd be nice if it was under $200. Like, closer to $100. I'm po' and trying to save money for my September PacNW trip. I'll save up for the fancy $1,000 SLR another time.

Beyond the need to buy the camera, and the cost of taking my car in to get an oil change/general tune-up (and an assessment of whether or not she can safely make another 2000-mile road trip), I'm going to try to take August easy. Cheap and easy. There aren't any plans, really, besides the knitting class I'm going to be teaching.

Did I mention that yet? Oops. By the way, I'm teaching a sock knitting class next August, at SF Knitting Supply, out in the Sunset. The first 3-week session starts August 8 (holy crap! that's coming up!), so sign up! Or tell your friends to sign up! And if you can't make it this session, I'll may be teaching it all over again sometime near the end of September.

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