Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sharks Win 4 - 3; Day "Not a Complete Wash," Says Sarah

So, date canceled on account of sick (his being sick, not mine), and the decision of what to do with the waste of my day was decided by the call of my sister looking for company that didn't live within 30 feet of her. I ended up driving down to San Jose, going out to lunch with my sister and her son (ran into my high school friend Shortie, literally as I was saying her name in discussing the last time I'd been to that restaurant), and watching the game with my dad. All-in-all, not a bad day, even if I did end up getting enlisted in the big ol' furniture moving to get ready for the painters coming in a few days.

Bonus prize for the day: getting to swipe my brother's Wii. I'm wondering just how dangerous it's going to be, with me having video games in the household. Hopefully I'll still remember to go to Krav.

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Nick said...

It's a Wii. Some of the games are a workout in and of themselves. You should be fine. Also, how's Shorty?

Hmm. Professional TV critics use the same blogging system as you.