Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Be Chilly

I realized last night that some of my dishes had been waiting what had finally become weeks. I've been home so little in the last 14 days that the pileup had been gradual, until suddenly I was checking my cabinets and finding no clean bowls.

The weeks ... well, they were full. There was a lot of alcohol involved, especially in the first seven days of the last 14. The Big Work Meeting was a success (I think). Attendees very politely told me that my presentations were great and thorough. I will accept those compliments as honest, and try not to suspect that they were just being nice. I felt that they were pretty good, especially considering I'd been out until almost might the night before with a bunch of the out-of-towners. *innocent cough*

The rest can probably be stated best in pictures:
iFly Adventure
Yes, that is me indoor skydiving. It was actually a lot of fun — way more than one would expect for something so safe and middle-classy — and I would completely do it again.

Whiskey Thieves May 2010
Drinks at Whiskeys with Karen and Magi (and Don, too, not pictured).

Maker Faire 2010
Maker Faire with Josh and Chuck ... here they are way too pleased. I imagine it feels like they've found the best friend they had always dreamed of from boyhood. Below is me wielding a steampunk style gun.
Maker Faire 2010
Gods above, beware.

In other news, I've decided to let my JDate account lapse. For my $80 and two months, I got one whole lackluster date out of the experience. And a lot of cyber flirting with a guy from L.A. All-in-all, I'm not impressed ... so much for fulfilling my mother's dream of bringing home a nice Jewish guy for Thanksgiving. Bah. (The date itself may garner a post all its own if you guys want, but seriously ... it was so bland, it's probably not worth going into the details.)

I'm also scheduled to teach a yarn store owner how to knit a sock in the next couple weeks. The plan is if she thinks I taught her well enough, she'll add me to her schedule as a sock knitting instructor. I'll get to choose my own class times, rates (the store takes I think 50%), sizes ... and get a discount on yarn. It'd be a dream come true ... though probably bad for any goals of decreasing my yarn stash. Here's hoping. Though now I'll have to come up with a curriculum. Ack. Scary ... anyone have any advice from knitting classes they've taken in the past?

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Nick said...

Well you taught me. That worked out okay for the most part.