Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tempranillo Hangover

A lot of wine this weekend. Finally hung out with Leonie (from my ceramics class) in a non-classmate function, and I spent most of today with the hangover to prove it.

I don't hit up the Mission often, but last night was a good experience. We started at Fabric8 for an art show reception — her friend Ken has a couple pieces in it, I've seen his work before when Leonie had her birthday party at his house a couple years ago, and if I had a cool $400 lying around I'd seriously consider buying something — most of the rest of the art was kind of typical blasé San Francisco "avant garde" ... meaning that it thinks it's original but still kind of looks the same as everything else. Bonus, however, was the Creme Brûlée Cart parked in the back patio area, which I've heard much of but hadn't come across yet. I give him 4 stars out of 5: I had the basic vanilla flavor (next time I'll have to try the lavender), and it was pretty fantastic, a perfect size, a decent price ... but definitely not the best I've ever had. Pretty high up there, though.

We moved next to Heart, a little wine bar just down the street, and three of us ended up sharing three bottles of Tempranillo. Very nice place, not too pretentious, and they had this amazing BBQ pulled pork slider on the menu that had me melting in my seat.

Got a ride home and stumbled drunkenly through the door at about 1 a.m. I was just ready to pass out when I got a JDate IM from a guy I'd emailed about two or three weeks ago, thanks to my Elsie-challenge. Of course he has to pick the night I'm most incoherent, so I begged off as best I could, and I'm surprised that he still actually wrote me back today. This, plus another guy I've been flirting with via IM (he lives in L.A., though, which is a big ol' minus) have me seriously considering giving JDate one more month's chance. My current subscription expires Tuesday, so I have another day to decide. But it does feel good to flirt again, even if it is pathetically on the internet. Maybe it'll give me the glow and vibe to be able to do it in the real world, too? It's been a long time. Feels nice. Really really nice.

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