Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Making Up for Missed Opportunities

It's time to bust out the Trashcan Sinatras CDs again. The email announcing the band's June U.S. mini-tour came just as I got home tonight, and within 15 minutes I'd bought tickets for myself and coworker/friend Elsie.

Their last San Fran show, back in the end of July, I missed by being practically on my deathbed. They're my favorite band — I've been a fan since I was frickin' sixteen years old, almost half my life — and since they have a tendency to pop up and then fade back into obscurity, I wasn't sure if I'd get an opportunity to see them again short of a trip to Glasgow. At the time I seriously was considering drugging myself up so I could make it, but since I could hardly sit upright for more than ten minutes, it's probably best I didn't try. And lo, here they are again, touring on their latest and with promises of a return to the States later this fall.

The those unfamiliar, here's a link to a page with some songs to sample. A few links for the lazy:

The Genius I Was
The Main Attraction

Happy, happy day.

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