Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drugging Up the Courage

I've had better days. This one involved coming straight home from work, crawling into bed, and passing out for two hours.

I may, how you say, be sick.

So now I'm sitting online, waiting for the NyQuil to take effect. And hoping it will instill some courage in me. My friend/coworker Elsie has issued me a challenge: message three guys on JDate (I finally gave in and bought a month membership, just to see what would happen) by end of day Sunday. All right. I guess that's the purpose of paying the $30 or whatever it is. But once I find someone, I realize, I have no idea what to say. I hate being the instigator. I'm old-fashioned (also, fearful of rejection), and like a man to come up to me. It shows confidence. It shows a bit of presumption (if you know me, you know I have a taste for arrogant egoists). It shows ... well, it shows I have an air about me that invites someone in.

Plus, then I don't have to think of an opening line. How do you guys do it? What can I say that doesn't sound pathetic or over-eager? Would "Hey, you seem nice, want to talk?" be enough to pique interest? Gah. This assignment is harder than I thought.

Maybe NyQuil's not strong enough. Might have to hit up the bourbon.

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