Sunday, August 19, 2012

A False Impression of Readiness

Question for my picture-nerdy friends: is it worth it to renew my Flickr Pro account? That's $25 a year, which really isn't much. But is there something better/freer that I should be looking into instead?  My account expires on the 28th. And obviously I use it. Just not sure if I use it the full $25's worth.

Dinner tonight was quinoa pasta with hot dogs, salsa and ketchup: the compromise result of having only leftover ingredients in the house, and being not quite prepared mentally for all my dinners to be delivery. I had to force myself to scrounge up even this much, because I knew otherwise I'd be making an emergency pizza call right about ... now. Not sure what it is about the dregs of my pantry being so unappetizing. Except, of course, I guess that's why this stuff is the dregs.

At any rate, that was my reward for finally getting to the real business of packing. I woke up bright and chipper at 8 a.m., rolled back over and slept until 10, and finally got myself showered and dressed by 11 to have at it with the boxing of my apartment. Woo! That's motivated!

Twelve hours, a lot of grunting, and a trip to Home Depot for more boxes later, if we look at one side of my room, it looks like I'm pretty darn close to being completely packed. The closet is empty except for a few things I'll be driving with me and some to-be-shredded paperwork, the bookshelves are mostly-bare, the wine stand/bar thingy no longer is covered in glassware.

Looks great, doesn't it? I feel so accomplished.

And then we turn around and look at the other half of my apartment.


Fuck.  That kitchen's going to be a pain in the ass.

Six days until the house-cooling party and loading of my wordly possessions into a relocube. Less than two weeks left in San Francisco.

What the hell am I doing to myself?

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