Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This Is Why I'm Getting the ReloCube

I spent about an hour and a half tonight pulling all my yarn and knitting stuff out of the closet, ziplock bagging it (stop the spread of moths, if any eggs are in a skein or two), and stuffing it into tubs.

This is the result of tonight's efforts:


The four plastic tubs (one 18-gallon, one 22-gallon, and two 4-gallon) are crammed to almost bursting with yarn. The basket on top has knitting magazines and my three pattern binders.
I've added a bottle of wine to the picture for scale. Because wine and knitting go together pretty well.

Please note that this is not enough.  I still have at least a large tub's worth of yarn, and will need a cardboard moving box for all my knitting books.  And you all just laughed when I told you I had over 36 miles of yarn in my closet. That was when none of you had an idea what it actually looked like.

Is this when I admit I have a problem, or just revel in it?

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