Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I am tired of coughing. I'm sure my coworkers are tired of my coughing, too. It's almost a joke at the office at this point: people have stopped asking if I'm all right while I'm in the middle of an especially violent fit, and instead just make funny comments about the audibility of my cooties. By the time I have control enough to speak and come back with a witty quip, they've already left the room or gone back to their press release.

I've also probably hacked up enough mucus in the last couple of weeks to feed a mob of holy anorexics. At least the phlegm I'm expectorating has stopped being in the range of bright green to solid yellow, and started to fade into the light daffodil to clear spectrum. I think that means I am getting better.

That's all. For now. Expect more adventures coming up, such as the hilarity of my first golf lesson (this coming Saturday, weather and personal health permitting); the people you meet while riding a community bus route; and an explanation of the new little countdown thingy to the below right of this very blog entry.


Greg said...

Yes, I was wondering what was up with that...

you fianlly coming sailing with us!?

Sarah Kent said...

If only I could, Greg! Alas, I have too much debt to consider giving up the steady paycheck and running away to join the Norte Navy!

As a too-obvious hint, it'll be opposite direction, overland. :) I have to work a few details out in the next week or two, then I can post more.