Monday, January 2, 2012

Last Year of the World

Just as I was starting up this post, my Old Man Ex texted me to wish me a happy new year, in relation to an old memory triggered by a song on the radio. Those are the kinds of things that remind me that I've done something right in this life, to deserve to still be remembered.

At any rate: Sure, yeah, I couldn't resist it, the (un)obligatory Year-Transition Post. I started to go through all the blogs I wrote in 2011, thinking to do a retrospective of sorts, and had to stop reading mid-March. The year ended up so completely different than I had expected back then. I'm not sure what to say about it. What to say that won't make me cry, that is.

2011, you left me with a lingering insomia-causing cough, a broken heart, a wisdom tooth-ache, and a extra plumpage. You left me restless, unhappy, disappointed, jaded. I want to start over, from where I ended 2010.

2011, you were also a year of accumulation and upgrade. New phone, new car, new debt, new tattoo, new computer. New weight, new sorrow, new resolve. All this (in theory) to prepare myself for this year, and its goal of purging and letting go. The goal that you finally kicked me in the butt to reach for, 2011. This is all you.

I'm supposed to be starting the purge right now, in fact: the closet was my goal on this, my free day off. Instead, I'm writing this blog. So much to being off with a fiery start.

I will shed off the old skin, and emerge shiny and new in 2012. Just in time for the end of the world. And that's fine, everyone. That's just fine. Because the end of the world just means that there's a whole 'nother new world coming around the corner.

The resolutions:

  1. Purge my life of crap: streamline the apartment, the belongings, the yarn stash.
  2. Purge the extra weight: streamline my body, my appearance, my diet.
  3. Purge my mind: of doubt, of hopeless hope, of sadness.

I'll probably update that list later. There's more, but I'm a blank right now.

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