Saturday, October 15, 2011

Giving Love a Bad Name

Walking through the Noe Valley Harvest Festival today, a bumblebee flew straight into my heart. Unfortunately, the bee was not as strong as my boobs, and bounced right off and onto the ground.

Trying to decide if that was nature, or fate, or whatever, trying to tell me something there. I mean, the aim was dead-on. It still kind of hurts a tiny bit when I think on it. It was like Cupid's Arrow ... except probably the exact opposite in effect. Or something.

In other news, I was digging through some old knitting projects this evening, trying to find something creative to do besides moping in front of Netflix, and stumbled on an old bucket list I made for myself back in 2007. It was inspired by that Day Zero Project that was all over LiveJournal back in ... well, 2007. It was intended to be a list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days. I only came up with 57 items, and they were supposed to be completed by March 28, 2010. Some of these things seem just ridiculous now. Some are goals I still have. Only 12 actually got done at some point.

I'm sharing the list below, for your viewing pleasure and general amusement. Items in green are things I've actually accomplished by this point.
  1. Visit a state I've never been to before. (Ohio.)
  2. Go wine tasting. (Done with Dad for Father's Day 2010.)
  3. Save one month's salary (gross, in savings) ~ $4K.
  4. Join an interest group/club.
  5. Knit a (wearable) sweater for myself. (Three Decades Sweater - link to Ravelry entry)
  6. Volunteer for something regular.
  7. Attend one Pilates class.
  8. Work out three times a week for one month straight.
  9. Develop photos from my big [word unreadable - maybe recent?] trips (starting 2005) and put them into albums.
  10. See a movie by myself.
  11. Pay off the credit card completely (This one I'm really proud of.)
  12. Go on a six-month yarn diet.
  13. Go on three dates with three different guys. (Sad this had to be an ambition spread out over 1,001 days.)
  14. Write a short story I'm proud of. ("The Swap")
  15. Write a novel (1st draft).
  16. Eat an animal I've never tried before.
  17. Take a photography class.
  18. Take a language class.
  19. Become reading-fluent in Old English.
  20. Learn to play the guitar - beginning level.
  21. Run Bay to Breakers. (Hahahahaha)
  22. Learn self-defense (take a class) or a martial art. (Hello, Krav Maga.)
  23. Learn CPR. (Which reminds me, I need to sign up for the child and infant CPR class.)
  24. Lower weight to 136 pounds.
  25. Play a round of golf.
  26. Get oil change on car every six months for 1.5 years (3 times in a row). (I even put the date of the first change: 6/27, presumably 2007)
  27. Volunteer for a community event. (AIDS LifeCycle, with my coworkers.)
  28. Visit a country I've never been to before. (Luxembourg)
  29. Make a Flash movie to post on YouTube. (What the heck was I thinking?)
  30. Reinstate my radio show. (Still wish I was doing this.)
  31. Tour the Jelly Belly Factory. (I've visited, but not done the tour. Soon. Also: added this to my Bucket List.)
  32. Convince management to make Graveyard a six-person shift. (Got that for a whole year, though maybe it wasn't me that convinced management. And since then, I've left the shift. Wow. The way things change ...)
  33. Run a scavenger hunt around SF.
  34. Create a cookbook of all my favorite recipes, with pictures.
  35. Get something published.
  36. Design a deck of Tarot Cards.
  37. Go camping. (Kind of did this last year at the Capay Tomato Festival, with Claire. But that doesn't really count.)
  38. Go to Burning Man (again). (This is on my Bucket List.)
  39. See Kent play live.
  40. Write up a pattern for distribution (knitting).
  41. Teach four people to knit.
  42. Make a fountain (ceramic).
  43. Make "Lady MacBeth's Hands" (ceramics). (Hmmm ...)
  44. See a sports game that is not hockey.
  45. See a Sharks game. (I've seen two, actually.)
  46. Set up [internal coding group] BINGO/newsroom game.
  47. Beach clean-up volunteering.
  48. Go skydiving.
  49. Host a knitting party.
  50. Learn to juggle.
  51. Take a fencing class.
  52. Design and crochet a (Better) Booby Pillow (as seen on Etsy).
  53. Make pasta entirely from scratch.
  54. Watch entire Godfather trilogy. (I got through the first one ...)
  55. Learn Korean (writing).
  56. Relearn calculus. (WTF?)
  57. See three plays/musicals. (I think I've seen ... one?)

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