Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Proof That I'm a Dork

The world didn't start to end today, as had been foretold by crazy prophets out of Oakland, but I've gotta believe that's because Macho Man Randy Savage saved us all by threatening to snap Jesus like a Slim Jim if he tried anything. (Yeah, I know — I'm so original in repeating a meme.)

My face is a sunburned red from spending all day down at Maker Faire with the Ceramics Crew and Elka. I think we all had a blast, despite the herding cats experience of trying to keep track of everyone at once. Maybe I shouldn't have bothered, and just gone with it. But the Crew is always good for some shenanigans, can't help wanting to stick with them.

Maker Faire 2011
We got to ride a school bus in from the parking lot. There were a lot of signs ... as well as an interesting type of emergency kit.

Maker Faire 2011
Josh and Chuck try to be the next awesome Make Magazine cover.

Maker Faire 2011
Obligatory ride on Lindz's awesome Electric Giraffe. A perk of being an ex.

Sexy moment of the day: the Doctor Who theme song as played through two Tesla Coils. I didn't think about trying to get a video until it was too late, and I'm really peeved at myself about that. But it was kind of like this, just without the goofy guy in the suit doing hand dance:

Tomorrow will be a recovering day at home, roasting a chicken and watching the Sharks hopefully dominate in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals against the Canucks.

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