Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Childhood Disease

So it seems that the punishment for having a good time is the common cold — it can't be (had damned well better not be) the flu, since I got my shot for that a couple of weeks ago.

I was so out of it yesterday when I came home early from the office, in the middle of the afternoon, that all I wanted to do was watch cartoons and drink tea. Meaning that my brand new TV got a great workout, as did my Netflix Watch Instantly account. I curled into bed, waved my controller and went straight to the Children/Family section.

The movie I settled on? The Care Bears Movie II. Go ahead. Laugh. But — and perhaps this is the disease or the DayQuil talking — I'll be damned if it wasn't actually a coherent — nay, decent — work of cinema.

Seriously. Sure, the animation was cheap, and it did have several cheesy synthy songs (hey, it was the 80s). But there was a semi-sophisticated deal-with-the-Devil plotline, with a lesson that even the most evil of evildoers has a spark of good within them. There was actual character development, of a sort. And the cheesy songs managed to veer away from becoming an annoying detraction from the plotline, and instead were more of a good opportunity to refill my cup of tea while a plot point was moved forward.

Granted, it's no Beauty and the Beast. But it certainly beat out The Swan Princess, which is a thorough piece of crap; I only made it through the first 40 minutes before having to turn that shit off.

Another movie that I recommend after this current bout of sickness: Penelope. Trust me, this one beats out even Care Bears II.


Nick said...

Is Care Bears II the one with the magician or the one with the camp?

Sarah the Great said...

It's the camp one -- and I must have seen it when I was a kid, because the bad guy character was vaguely familiar, though I didn't remember a thing about the plot.