Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kosher Ham for Hanukkah

Can it be considered a house-warming party, if it happens four years after you move in?

Probably not. But while I have had a couple of smaller evening events at my place before (last New Year's Eve, and a fondue party in 2008), this is the first time I've invited and had a large crowd of people coming in and out of my tiny studio apartment.

And from all appearances, it was successful. At least, that's how I feel — I hope my guests feel the same way, too. Because this means I'm probably going to have another one next year: be warned.

In true, typical Jewish-(grand)mother-in-training style, I had a lot of food. I mean, a lot. There were even things I didn't bring out of the fridge due to lack of space, or just plain ol' forgetfulness. Seriously. For instance, I don't know what I'm going to do with a CostCo-sized box of crackers.

Some highlights:
  • Being asked a couple times where I got my ham ... and then getting to tell people I glazed it myself.
  • Getting to see Amber, a friend from high school that I haven't seen in over a decade, again.
  • Realizing that I had so much beer I wouldn't be able to put any new arrivals into the fridge with the rest ... resulting in my leaving six packs scattered around the apartment.
  • Having Laura and Jeremy under my roof at the same time, which hasn't happened in almost a year. (I haven't seen either of them in almost that long, too.)
  • Watching friends who haven't been to my place before get amused by others using the window as an entrance instead of the door.
  • During my explanation of Hanukkah for the gentiles just before we lit the Menorah, I realized I was turning into my father with his welcoming speeches.
  • Recognizing that I have a lot more friends than I give myself credit for.

Some pictures:
Holiday Open House
Trying to find room in the fridge for more beer

Holiday Open House
General action shot, early on in the party

Holiday Open House
My friends appearing to think too hard, later in the party

Holiday Open House
Magnet poetry, randomly left on the fridge

Everyone who came: thank you so much! It wouldn't have been the same without you, and I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy mingling with each other. To those of you who couldn't make it this year: you were missed, and I hope you can make it next time.

Though, looking at how much alcohol I have leftover from this event, I might have to have another party soon just to get rid of it. Darn, how unfortunate.

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Greg said...


wow, that's thinking ahead. ;-)

but at least you'll be a grandmother with beer!!!!! ;-)