Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who Loved Ya, Baby?

A little over a month ago, when I was walking down the main drag in my neighborhood (24th Street in Noe Valley, in case you were wondering), I found the parking lot of Bell Market gated off, and signs in the windows indicating that it had closed. Now, it's not like I went there often — usually when I wanted groceries, I drove up the hill to the Safeway, which was cheaper, had a better selection, and made more sense to take the car to. Still, it was a little disappointing: another example of an economy gone to complete shit, a neighborhood on the verge of decline. Plus, where was I going to go now for those quick produce pickups when I felt like getting my ass moving and taking a walk?

But then yesterday I was walking down the street again, and there were cars parked in that lot, and people standing around looking like they were Planning Something. And then I saw the signs hung up on the gate, and I realized my disappointment had come too soon.

We're getting a Whole Paycheck — sorry, Whole Foods — in my neighborhood. Like, a 10 minute walk from my house.

The place is too expensive for me, generally, but, call me bourgeois, holy fucking shit, I can buy my quinoa now and pretty produce and crappity have you seen their bulk bins?!

Once the place opens up, you just know that my grocery budget is completely blown to kingdom come. Oh, well. It was a nice idea while it lasted.

Speaking of budget-blowers, I leave for Europe on Friday. Yesterday's discovery was actually on my way downtown to buy Euros at Wells Fargo, so I can have cab fare when I land in Amsterdam, without having to pay those outrageous airport exchange fees. $300 got me €210. God dammit, I miss the exchange rates of the early 2000s.

Question for the week, unrelated the above two topics: So, now that it's now, was it all worth it?

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